Sales & Marketing

At Auriga, we specialise in restaurant branding and can assist you in developing a restaurant idea from the ground up or in infusing creativity into your vision to create a memorable brand for your establishment.

Business Development Assistance

We base the logos we design for restaurants on a distinct brand personality, a thorough grasp of your restaurant idea, competition, target demographic, and how the brand should be viewed. From initial concepts and sketches to font and colour variations, we follow a systematic process that allows for plenty of feedback and interaction in order to create a stunning logo for your restaurant that will work across all of your marketing materials.

Market Analysis

A successful and engaging restaurant brand not only looks great, but it also interacts with its consumers to differentiate itself. To increase distinction and build engagement, sales, and brand loyalty, we'll communicate your restaurant's vision, concept, and personality across all of your marketing channels in the best way. We'll help you discover the right words to transform sceptics into believers and prospects into paying repeat customers by making sure all of your material is emotionally, persuasively, and psychologically appealing.

Revenue Management

Revenue management is more important than ever in maintaining a successful, profitable hotel. The rise in available data and methods for tracking and analysing it may appear to have complicated the industry, but Aurega helps you get in hands a plethora of new chances for your firm to benefit.


It is critical that we develop a distinct, experience-driven brand that inspires emotion, has a measurable USP, and validates people's interest. We'll elicit and develop your restaurant's marketable points of differentiation from you, and then make them real by defining an experience that may be expressed through slogans, tone of voice, straplines, design, service, and even menu changes.

E Business

To create a comprehensive brand experience, the brand identity and experience that we build for your restaurant must be applied consistently and authentically to each and every consumer touchpoint. We can help you create anything from menus to takeout menus, placemats, loyalty cards, posters, corporate catering brochures, signage, A-Boards, social media graphics, and point of sale material for your restaurant. To bring value to your restaurant, we integrate our team's creativity and smart marketing thought into every aspect of brand material we develop.

Housekeeping and Maintenance Services

The Housekeeping crew that Auriga equips takes pleasure in keeping the hotel clean and pleasant so that it may be considered a "home away from home." The goal of all lodging establishments is to give their clients clean, appealing, comfortable, and inviting surroundings that are also reasonably priced. Nothing sends a more powerful statement than cleanliness in a hospitality establishment. No degree of service can match the feeling a guest gets when they walk into a pristine, neat, and well-organized room. Both management and guests believe that maintaining the area clean and in excellent order is essential for a hotel to charge a reasonable fee and receive repeat business.

PR & Media

Understanding consumer expectations is critical to determining what they are drawn to, and coordinating tactics to meet them at a single point can help your business stand out in a competitive market. As a result, developing a favourable media image is critical to brand development, particularly in the hotel industry.Our incredibly creative team of brand identity designers and strategists know how to create inspiring and unique brands that stand out from the crowd and will engage, intrigue, and excite your customers and stakeholders, whether it's creating a new brand identity from scratch or evolving an existing brand identity as part of a rebrand.