Food and Beverages

We bring the best strategies to the table to serve the perfect Hospitality experience. 

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is predictive analytics, a hybrid market approach that combines qualitative and quantitative elements. Auriga helps you assess various factors like the concept, location and predict the potential supply and demand. This gives you a strategic advantage.

Concept & Design

For the hospitality industry, concept and design go hand in hand. With one unified mood or tone, a thriving restaurant concept will encompass many different aspects. It doesn't matter how minor the detail is; it all contributes to the larger theme. Our experts diligently help you come up with the most practical concept for a profitable outcome.


Another Western success stories franchising involves a third party working in relations with an existing brand through bonds of royalty or fees. The franchisee gets to use the parent company’s name, branding, and model with the added advertisement and marketing support. We ensure that no costly mistakes are made during the franchising process, making the transition hassle-free.

Branding & Marketing

Restaurant branding helps give your business a unique name and image. Your distinctive identity will set you apart from the competition and create a devoted consumer base by increasing client trust and brand recognition. Auriga specialises in honing our marketing skills to set you apart in the swarms of hospitality services out there.

Menu Engineering

Menu engineering creates your menu in the most effective way by showcasing your restaurant's most popular and lucrative items using menu psychology approaches. As a result of menu engineering, restaurant earnings may be maximised by evaluating and carefully developing your menu. We make sure to sit down with your chief while designing the perfect menu that fits the restaurant concept seamlessly.

Restaurant Management

In order to effectively manage a restaurant, one must consider public relations, inventory, staffing, and customer service, among other factors. Restaurant management services and training is one of the key services we provide for our clients.