Finance Management

Financial management success factors in the hotel sector include developing an annual budget, developing a thorough financial monitoring model, conducting ongoing audits, and developing a reporting system to assist managers in keeping track of P&L information.

Capital Management

Working capital is necessary for the day-to-day operations of the hotel industry. Hoteliers must study and comprehend working capital aspects, as well as how to conduct working capital management, in order to manage operational capital. Auriga strives to manage the capital effectively to enhance the overall value of the company.

Payroll Administration

Payroll is the process of compensating your employees for services provided. Your payroll system's primary goal is to guarantee that you pay your employees correctly and on schedule. Auriga diligently helps you in keeping a timely and correct payment system, and gives commendable assistance to your business  to keep your personnel.

IT & Infrastructure

What makes a hotel endure the test of time? You know the type: world-renowned, ever-dynamic, constantly gorgeous, and often higher rated restaurants and hospitality establishments. We make sure the building blocks of your business are paved in such a way that it stands for times to come. Similarly, the technology behind is chosen wisely so that you could enhance your profitability through a  well built IT department.

Forecast Planning

The volatile nature of the hotel industry will have an impact on several key performance metrics. Forecasting is to provide organisations with a better knowledge of how they will perform in the future. Auriga enables you to make accurate forecasts on important indicators, plan for future risks, and thus help you get enough time to make required modifications on your business.

Credit Assessments and Management

A Credit Assessment assesses your entity’s creditworthiness. Credit assessments are not the same as credit ratings. A Credit Assessment allows your F&B businesses to analyse the credit details without committing to the more resource-intensive rating analysis. The method may assist management in identifying strategic "problems." Furthermore, if management approves of the Credit Assessment level, a more comprehensive public ratings analysis can be conducted.